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Lovestone is a stone, but not just any stone.

It is a marble stone that covers, as if it were a mosaic, the floor of the Lovers’ Terrace in Verona, and it can preserve your message of love for eternity.
In fact, thanks to a sophisticated laser technology, you can have your love dedication carved on one of 60,000 Lovestones laid on the Terrace floor.
Your personalized Lovestone will remain set forever in this magical and legendary place, located in front of Juliet’s balcony.
Become a part of history, make your love part of a legend: purchase your Lovestone now!

Virtual Tour
foto di un bacio
balcone di Giulietta
Cortile della casa di Giulietta
lovestone sulla terrazza degli innamorati
balcone di Giulietta di sera
ingresso shop sulla  terrazza a Verona
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